TMJ Treatment

Walnut Creek, CA

If you are experiencing issues revolving around constant jaw pain and are having issues identifying the cause, you might be experiencing problems with your TMJ. Ivory Dental Aesthetics in Walnut Creek, CA can help.

As a recommended course of treatment for issues with the TMJ, we offer dental bite guards, or splints, that are designed to adjust a patient’s teeth and jaw to correct their bite. They also help prevent Bruxism, or teeth grinding, and can help your facial muscles relax while preventing the jaw from locking.

As a Kois Center Graduate, Dr. Patel completed over 238 hours of continuing education, including focusing on TMJ treatment options. He knows the difficulties that TMJ can create for his patients, but he also knows the steps needed to get them out of that pain.


Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, also called TMJ, TMJ disorder, or TMD, occurs as a result of the temporomandibular joint not functioning properly. Though the exact cause of this disorder is difficult to pinpoint, it may be a result of factors such as arthritis, jaw injury, or genetics. In many cases, the pain associated with TMJ issues is only temporary and can be solved through nonsurgical treatments and self care. As a last resort, surgery may be required to correct the issue.


There are a variety of symptoms that arise with TMJ issues. Though you probably won’t need treatment if there are no pain or movement issues involved, you may need to seek assistance if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Jaw pain or tenderness
  • A clicking sound or a grating sensation when opening your mouth or chewing
  • Aching in or around the ear or ears
  • Pain in your temporomandibular joints or face
  • Issues or pain when chewing
  • Joint locking that makes it difficult to move your mouth


A centric relation refers to a spatial relation of the lower jaw bone and the upper jaw bone. In a healthy TMJ, it is the location of the mandible (lower jaw bone) when the rounded protuberance at the end of some bones called condyles form an articulation with another bone.


A deprogrammer is a removable, reversible dental device that’s designed to erase the engrams, or muscle memory, of how a person’s teeth fit together. Since a lot of TMJ symptoms are routed in the way our teeth function and fit together, this can be beneficial in treating TMJ issues. Deprogrammers can help identify and treat cases of TMD with great predictability.


At Ivory Dental Aesthetics, our diagnostic approach begins with a detailed examination of your jaw movement, dental alignment, and overall oral health. Utilizing advanced imaging technologies such as digital x-rays and MRI, we gain a comprehensive view of your TMJ and surrounding structures. This allows Dr. Patel to accurately diagnose the condition and craft a personalized treatment plan. Therapeutic measures may include physical therapy techniques to improve jaw function and alleviate pain. Our team collaborates closely with specialists in related fields to ensure a holistic treatment approach.


Continuous care is vital for managing TMJ disorders effectively. At Ivory Dental Aesthetics, we ensure regular follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and make adjustments to your treatment plan as needed. Long-term care might involve periodic adjustments of dental appliances, reassessment of your bite and jaw alignment, and ongoing support through maintenance therapies. Our goal is to not only relieve your symptoms but also to prevent future occurrences, helping you maintain a healthy and pain-free jaw for years to come.

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